Aeroplane Yoga!

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Flying is taxing on the whole being. Between jet lag, bad airplane food, getting your immune system assaulted by travelers from all over the world who are sick, and bad posture from narrow airplane seats, you run many risks of getting ill.

During a weekend trip to San Francisco, I had my wife take a few pictures of me doing some asanas that are possible on a long plane ride. These postures combat some of the ills of sitting for five hours.

aero 6

This is Gulphasana (a variation of Uttanasana where you put your hands around your Gulpha, or the Marma point around your ankles). I like this variation because it gives the spine more traction and the ankles give you leverage to pull against. If you are stiffer, you can simply hold the elbows in Uttanasana. You can do this pose by in the area for the loo queue.

aero 4

Lolasana (Earing Pose). This pose does many things whilst traveling. If you think about your internal organs of digestion, they are sitting heavy for many hours on the plane. This arm balance, which is easy with the chair configuration extends the internal organs and gives them a “rest” from being sedentary. It also stretches the arms and gets the heart rate going. You cannot see, but the calves are crossed at the shins to form an”X”. Also note this is not the final stage of the pose where you bring your knees to the chest. Again, this stage is presented just to give the internal organs a nice stretch.

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 7.51.09 AM

Simhasana I variation (Lion pose). From Lolasana, bring all the weight on to your calves that are still in the shape of an “X.” One of the great dangers of flying is deep vein thrombosis, where you can get a blood clot in your legs from a combination of sedentariness and change in pressure from altitude. By sitting on your calves, you squeeze the lymph nodes and promote circulation. The spine also gets a nice reprieve by naturally stacking up straight when sitting on the calves. One warning is that this pose can be very painful if you have stiff calf muscles. My mentoring teacher would often tell me that  the stiff calf muscles go hand and hand with poor digestion. As flying can make one constipated, this pose may give you aid in moving things along. Don’t do this if you have knee problems. The classic posture is with the tongue sticking and the eyes looking up toward the tip of the nose. Because of stricter air policies, I would use caution as it may be draw unwanted attention from the air marshall.

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 8.23.30 AM

Supta Vajrasana (reclined lightning bolt pose). This is a variation of Supta Virasana where I sit on my heels and recline the chair back. This provides tremendous relief for the spine and digestive system. It provides an assertive stretch on the front thigh muscles (quadriceps). I would try to build time up to five minutes in this pose. Be careful on getting out of the posture and use the lolasana technique of lifting yourself with your arms and extend one leg out at a time to avoid injuring the knees. If you have knee problems omit this pose.

viparita karani

When you get to your destination, I would recommend that you do inversions to offset the invitation of deep vein thrombosis. Viparita Karani as seen above is always nice to restore yourself.

legs up wall

Simple legs up the wall (Urdvha Prasarita Padasana) would work too if you don’t have props handy. If are menstruating or cannot do inversions, Supta Baddha Bonasana will also provide some benefits for digestion and restoration.

supta baddha konasana

Some airports now feature yoga rooms where you can do these poses during your layover. If your airport does not provide them you can just find an empty gate area and find a wall. Bon Voyage!


27 thoughts on “Aeroplane Yoga!

  1. ellafit

    I am flying in a couple of weeks so will see if I can give these a go. Do you happen to know of a website that has pictures of poses? So I could print it off and have a reminder. I am new to this whole yoga thing


    1. yogibattle Post author

      I would try to practice them a few times on a Lazy-boy style recliner chair until you can remember without pictures.. Make sure that it is stable or you can tip backwards in lolasana. Flying is hard, so do what you can. Any unilateral forward bend with narrow legs is possible in the stand up areas. The main idea is to move your body to increase circulation.


      1. ellafit

        Ill give it a go, i wouldnt mean to read off by the book. Just to have a visual indication to refresh my memory. I have so many streches to do that change from week to week its hard to remember


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    1. yogibattle Post author

      Lol! I considered it as it would relieve by bad airplane breath, but I didn’t want to push my luck with the leering flight attendant who was sitting across the way. I would have also liked to do sarvangasana in the airplane chair which is more socially acceptable on international flights.


      1. Reena Davis

        It oiled never have occurred to me to do starving asana on a plane. I’ll be flying home from an ashram in the Bahamas next week, maybe I’ll try it 🙂


  3. MyKoruLifestyle

    I enjoyed your post. I am currently traveling and will definitely try this on my next long flight. I usually stay seated and lean forward from my waist letting my head and arms relax towards the floor. I also do a modified tree pose while waiting for the bathroom. It is worth the odd looks!


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  5. bqstrong

    Reblogged this on Fun Fabulous Fierce and commented:
    Lady-Crew – I don’t know if any of you will be traveling soon (Spring Break, anyone?!?) but I thought these tips were awesome for giving your body a little stretch break while flying. Try them at your desk if you find yourself office-bound too!


  6. Val Boyko

    This is great advice for prolonged sitting … no matter where. When I travel by plane I always make sure I do some stretching when standing – usually in line for the toilet…. it works 🙂
    Its so important to keep the prana flowing in this environment!


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