Support Guruji’s rest and recovery by maintaining your practice, and giving his family space


As all of you have heard, Guruji has been hospitalized and has been put on kidney dialysis. The Iyengar family is requesting privacy at this time. For updates on his health, go to In addition to prayers and thoughts, an excellent way to show concern and support for Guruji at this time is to maintain your yoga practice and even attend classes at an Iyengar studio near you. As much as people want to write him letters and emails, it is best to allow the Iyengar family to tend to him unfettered by communique.

Our community needs to come together now for support and sadana. Some good news is that some of this year’s candidates have already gotten certified. Congratulations to those who have! I can imagine this news has made the process that much harder for both the candidates and assessors.

As for Guruji, may you recover and get the rest you need. And may your family members get the support and space they need to take care of you and themselves during this time.

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