Now teaching three classes per week

ac wall

The time has come where my teachers need me to take on another class at their yoga center. I believe that I am mature enough to take on the challenge. In many ways the new schedule which includes 7 am classes will streamline my day and allow me to spend more evenings with my wife.

I previously wrote the essay “Why I only teach two classes per week” in which I state that I purposefully don’t festoon my schedule teaching yoga to make time for my own practice. Most importantly, not having a teaching heavy schedule gives me time with my family and my profession of being a mental health case manager.

Unfortunately, I will forfeit my Friday evening class. I have dedicated students who come at such an unpopular time. It was nice teaching a small class. For one thing, we had time and space to work on more difficult asanas and utilize more of the studio’s props like the trestle and rope wall. Hopefully they continue with the other evening classes at the studio.

I am looking forward to the new classes. I have subbed the students on numerous occasions. They are an enthusiastic bunch who are relatively new to Yoga. I will start teaching the first week of December.





7 thoughts on “Now teaching three classes per week

  1. Kerry Wanamaker

    I had to RE-follow your blog for some reason I must have hit the follow button & unfollowed, but I noticed your posts weren’t in my feed! Good luck with your classes – I agree it’s important to make space and
    balance your teaching with your own practice !


  2. Dana

    Best wishes! I cut way back on teaching yoga in order to make more time for writing and also to just take more classes as a student. It is such a completely different experience practicing as a student vs. as a teacher. Both are fulfilling in different ways.



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