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Home Yoga Practice celebrates one year!


Gettysburg U. Parsvakonasna

I just got the one year badge from the folks at WordPress. It is hard to believe I started blogging 12 short months ago. What started out as an educational supplement for my Saturday students mushroomed into a blog that has been viewed by over 30,000 readers in 116 countries worldwide and translated into many different languages.

It has been a fun adventure to see the trajectory of my posts and where they ended up. A few memorable examples were to see my blog translated into Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Hebrew. It shows that Yoga is truly universal no matter which culture you come from. This is thanks to B.K.S. Iyengar and the method in which he taught.

my blog arabic

My blog translated in Arabic

Another fun experience was watching one of my posts go “viral” as it resonated deeply in the Iyengar community. It was reblogged on Facebook so many times, I had over 3,000 views in one day when I was used to only getting 50 hits. It showed me that I never know how many people will read a post that I intend for just a small group of people.

For new bloggers, I would take the approach that blogging is more of a journey than a destination. That sounds a bit cliche, but every post will have it’s own set of triumphs and tribulations as you are putting your ideas out to the world. And believe me, the world responds!

I have made many fellow blogger friends through this experience. Some have even threatened to attend my classes when they visit Hawai’i 🙂 Anyone who reads this blog is always welcome in my classes.

I feel I have become a much better Yoga teacher through blogging. Teaching Yoga is so demanding mentally and physically, that it is hard to find ways to shoehorn all the teachings to your students in a 75 minute class. Blogging gives me the opportunity to share what I have observed in a non class format. I also get great feedback from other Yoga practitioners.

As I blog on to the next year, I would like to further illustrate that Iyengar Yoga is a serious practice, but one that can be accessed by anyone. And I will strive for this blog to be a resource to attract more to this style of Yoga. I would also like to share more of my experiences as a teacher and as a student, as well as passing on relevant news in the Iyengar community.

Thanks for making this a great year of blogging!