Correction…Teaching Yoga Will Make You Rich*

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I taught my first 7 am class today at Iyengar Yoga Honolulu to 10 enthusiastic students. It was nice to see familiar faces in the class. Even one of my Saturday students came. I had a hard time sleeping last night in anticipation of my inaugural class as first impressions are lasting. I also am not used to the early morning time and tend to slur my words when not fully awake. The class went to my satisfaction save a few slip ups due to my grogginess. It is “miscellaneous week” and I taught abdominal poses like Paripoona Navasana (complete boat pose).

As I was doing the billing after class, two new students entered the studio. They were there for the 8:15 class that was just taken off the studio’s schedule. I was offered the class, but could not do it because of my job. Today I scheduled myself to do paperwork which could be done out of the office.

One of the new students was the former CEO of my old employer that is now defunct. She got out of the company a few years before it started going downhill. She had brought her friend to try the studio. When two students show up and I have time, I can’t turn them away. So I gave them a free sampling of Iyengar Yoga.

Afterwards, as I was headed down the stairwell, one of the students shouted my name and rushed up the stairs with a bag. It was full of fruit from the downstairs farmers market! This was an auspicious way to start my new class.

I had written a post about teaching Yoga as not being a means of making one rich. I should have been more specific and stated that while it does not pay the bills, the ways in which it enriches your life is so profound and unexpected, that it is difficult to write about.

Teaching Yoga is perhaps one of the hardest jobs one can do if it is done properly. It is a combination of manual physical labor, hours of planning, on the spot awareness, accident prevention, and precise instruction just to name a few skills that are required. You will literally make pennies for hours of hard work. But if money is not how you measure wealth, you will find abundance when you teach yoga. Just like the cornucopia of fruit in the bag from my unexpected students.


2 thoughts on “Correction…Teaching Yoga Will Make You Rich*

  1. sanseilife

    I happen to lead our yoga group but I’m not the teacher, each of our group contributes to the session. We talk throughout the session and each of us leaves feeling fulfilled. Even the shyest contributes greatly.


    1. yogibattle Post author

      Sounds like a great class! While training for assessment, I would meet with fellow trainees at one of the student’s homes and we would all practice teaching and give each other feedback. Those were good times and we learned a lot from each other. Thanks for your response.

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