Eating crow…and cinnamon biscuits

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After officially declaring how teaching Yoga does not make one rich, the universe keeps pounding me over the head with refuting evidence. Today another student brought me homemade cinnamon biscuits and left a note: “Michael you can heat these up and eat with butter or eat them as they are.”

Since when after Mayberry times do people actually bring you home baked goods just of the kindness of their heart? My student who brought them to me was simply grateful I did not turn on the ceiling fan near where she practices because she gets vertigo. She was very worried that I would not honor her request. What kind of Iyengar Yoga instructor would I be if I didn’t listen to my students?

So my official “paycheck” for teaching my new class so far has been one bag of fruit and one tin of cinnamon biscuits. Back in the ancient times, sadhus (wandering Yogi holymen) would receive a bowl of rice by townspeople for their teachings and practices. My bag of fruit and biscuits remind me that I am on that same path…just with updated offerings.

Of course I get paid by my studio for teaching. But if gifts like these keep coming, I may have to call my tax lady to see if I am in compliance with federal income laws. Many Iyengar teachers who are starting out like me remark how the money they make from teaching usually goes back into paying for classes and workshops. I haven’t even made enough to do that much. Perhaps when Kofi Busia rolls back into town, I will give him some homemade ratatouille 🙂

Thank you students for your kind gifts!

1 thought on “Eating crow…and cinnamon biscuits

  1. averageyogini

    I have been giving a lot of thought to going through teacher training and eventually teaching a class or two after work or during the weekend.

    What stops me is the fact that the training is a huge commitment (both in time and money), and the thought of being stressed out about teaching – not the teaching itself, mind you, but the anticipatory stress I know I will feel about teaching right before every class.

    I suppose the thing I haven’t thought about yet is the fact that if I do teach a regular class, the faces and names will eventually become quite familiar, and as they do, the stress level will likely drop and the reward of feeling people’s gratitude will begin to outweigh the stress.

    Anyway, congrats on the new class – and on the cinnamon biscuits!



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