Yoga blog trends I would like to see in 2015 – part 1


In less than a week, 2014 will be a memory. It was a very interesting year watching yoga blog trends come and go. Here is what I am putting out to the universe (and other bloggers) of what I would and would not like to see more of in 2015:

1) Fewer Selfies

What do selfies really do? Some say they inspire others to practice Yoga, but I think that is a bunch of bull pucky. Just because you can do Pincha Mayurasana doesn’t mean your shoulders are not collapsing. Having lift in the shoulders is something that is learned in as basic of a pose as Tadasana. I have plenty of pictures of myself doing asana in this blog, but to make a distinction, I am using myself as a guide to teach, not to show off my ego. Believe me, I’m not much to look at! Next time you post an asana selfie, ask yourself why you are doing it. Are you doing it to teach, or show off your new yoga pants?

2) And on that note… less “wild thing,” Bakasana, and Pincha Mayurasana in those selfies

If you really want to show off, don’t be like everyone else. Wild Thing isn’t even a yoga pose, but some John Friend distortion of Urdvha Danurasana. Who would want to follow in that guy’s footsteps? Not to mention it is dangerous. And every other person who has half a practice is doing Bakasana. If you want to really wow someone, do Paripurna Matsyendrasana, Kandasana, or even a well-executed Krounchasana . Just don’t do it unless you are ready because you’ll injure yourself.

paripurna matsyendrasana

3) Less profanity

Lululemon has a recent promotion of being “present” and then shows a yoga teacher saying “f-you.” Every other blog I read has someone dropping the F-bomb or namaste-every-damn-day. Are we yoga practitioners, or truck drivers? I actually know truck drivers who swear less. If you are going to use profanity in your blog, at least make it mean something for emphasis. I don’t mean to be prudish, but Yoga is a sacred subject for those who take it seriously. Can we clean up our language around when writing about this sacred practice?

4) Speaking of Lululemon…less fashion industry influence on our Yoga practice

At what point did Lululemon become the neighborhood Yoga expert? That company doesn’t give a rip about tradition, it just wants to line its pockets. Whenever profit is the first priority, Yoga is not practiced. I am pleased that CEO Chip Wilson was ousted this year, but this company still projects an unhealthy body image with it’s petite line of clothing. As long as you keep shopping there, this will not change. At $100USD for a pair of pants, the real joke is on you. That money is much better spent on a workshop or even a month of classes.

5) Fewer playlists

I hate to break it to you, but people could care less about your latest playlist. Music and yoga may sound like they go together, but music actually gets in the way of the stopping your mind chatter. There are plenty of music fora out there for you to show off your musical taste. Go there instead instead of subjecting us to your latest taste of mixing Math Rock with Krishna Das.

6) More from the other limbs of Yoga

Asana is only 1/8 of the practice from Patanjali’s thread. When I first started doing yoga, everyone was in it for the mind benefits. Now everyone is in it for the physical benefits. It seems like we have regressed. There are a handful of blogs that focus on Yoga Sutras and other classical texts. It would be nice to see more blogs going in that direction. Yoga is a very internal practice when done correctly.

…to be continued

11 thoughts on “Yoga blog trends I would like to see in 2015 – part 1

  1. natjtan

    The only thing I like about Lululemon is a few (a few not all) of their leggings as I know they fit and hold up to to running, cycling, workouts. Ironically I don’t use them for yoga. I’m in normal leggings or pjs as I practice at home with yogaglo!

    Everytime I read one of your posts I see yoga differently (I’ve fallen in some of your no nos. Opps!). Thank you. I would like to see less handstands and headstand variations in IG. Yes, they’re fun, but they put too much pressure on those who find them tricky (me) and that we’re not ‘doing’ yoga. I can just hold a handstand for a few seconds if I’m lucky! And I didn’t know ‘wild thing’ wasn’t a yoga pose. I practice yoga as I like the way I feel afterwards with the energy buzzing, the way it helps with my breathing, realigns my body and makes me see things a little different. I’m gradually learning the correct terms, but a simple lizard lunge can be oh so good!


  2. musingsimplicity

    You make some good points here. I am always a bit disappointed when there is loud or non-yoga-ish music playing in class. And the fashion industry sure has capitalized on the rather unfortunate desire to ‘modernize’ or westernize yoga.


  3. fmburkley

    I’m so glad someone has addressed some of these points. Especially the yoga selfies (which I am soooooo guilty of) and the lack of knowledge and respect of the rest of the limbs of yoga. Very well said blog. Much respect!!


    1. yogibattle Post author

      Thanks for reading. Keep being curious about the other aspects of Yoga and your practice will blossom. I enjoyed visiting your blog and your TT experiences you shared.


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  5. racheltejas

    I especially agree with #6. The West is obsessed with asana, which is such a small fraction of real practice. Though I guess a “selfie” wouldn’t look very interesting if one were trying to make a pose out of pratyahara! Thanks for your honesty, refreshing. – Rachel


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