Yoga blog trends I would like to see in 2015 – part 2

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H.S. Arun’s  flawless Krounchasana


I may have lost a few followers since my last post. I do have strong opinions, but they help foster thinking about our practice of Yoga. Some of my most cherished preconceptions about Yoga have been smushed down flat by great teachers who flipped my ideas upside-down (literally). In order to keep evolving in our practice, we cannot take anything as set in stone. I will forge ahead and finish my list of Yoga blog trends I would like to see in the next year.

7) More blogs about the inward journey in addition to the outward journey.

One of the best blogs out there for this is 1979Darryl’s Contorted Strength. This guy has a solid daily practice! He is really trying to find the truth of Yoga among the Ashtanga, Bikram, and Iyengar methods. He is finding that the answers are not easy, but maintains his daily practice anyway. This is very similar to how I started Yoga 16 years ago. I finally settled on the Iyengar system, but this path made it clearer for me to see how the other systems are more alike than they are different. 1979Darryl reminds me that Yoga is Yoga no matter what “style” you call it with his adherence to classical texts and his Tapas.

8) More Yoga blogs authored by Men

I’m not saying this this to be sexist, but I feel the Yogic journey is different for men than women. As stated in a previous blog posts, men are barely taken into consideration by Yoga Inc. As far as Yoga Journal is concerned, men are just the stiff student in the back of the room no one pays attention to. As stated above, 1979Darryl, myself, and a few others have a unique perspective about Yoga as male practitioners, as well as many special issues.

9) More Yoga blogs authored by people over 50

Yoga and aging will be the next big trend in coming decades. There is a slew of new research coming out about how Yoga is assisting the aging process to facilitate more range of motion and mental alertness in the later years. All those pictures you see in Light On Yoga shows a “youthful” Iyengar in his late 40s. It would like to hear more anecdotal evidence by those who have practiced for decades.

elder yoga students

10) On that note…more Yoga research entries

It is fascinating the effects Asana have on our 11 bodily systems. I have written quite a few entries based on research about subjects ranging from inversions and eye pressure, yoga and mental health, to other medically related topics. In the early days of Yoga in the West, teachers would make claims that made Yoga sound like 21st Century snake oil. Now much research is supporting those claims. On the flip side, there is also a body of research that suggest that some Yoga may be harmful. Particularly in modern poses like “wild thing.”

11) Finally, more blogs from Iyengar practitioners

For my fellow Iyengar teachers, we have a beautiful system. We need to share it more with the world. I find it a little sad that me at my lowly Introductory II status is writing blog material that a more experienced teacher can easily expound upon. Luci at Yoga Spy who is also Intro II is the Iyengar teacher who inspired me to start this blog. Luci’s blog was “Freshly Pressed” a few years back and I have almost 40k views in my first year of blogging. Imagine the influence some of you Junior and Senior Intermediate level teachers could have…

7 thoughts on “Yoga blog trends I would like to see in 2015 – part 2

  1. Kim Roberts

    You’ve also gained a new follower! Love this, and in 6 months I’ll be able to fulfil one of your wishes – more posts by people over 50. Already writing on yoga and mental health. I’ve been a quiet advocate of many of your points for years (I’m an original student of Richard Freeman whose no nonsense approach has kept me inspired for 22+ years now) and yet I felt so lost in the noise, I’ve basically shut up. Please keep writing your truth, it’s so important. I’ll try to do the same. happy new year!


    1. yogibattle Post author

      Thanks Kim! Richard Freeman has always been one of my inspirations. He really walks the talk and has a wonderful sense of humor. I appreciate your readership and am honored that you enjoy my posts.


  2. racheltejas

    Although I am an Ashtanga practitioner, I agree it would be wonderful to see more thoughtful commentary from Iyengar teachers. Iyengar teachers are, I believe, the most well trained in the world of yoga, and have the deepest understanding of anatomy. I practice quite a bit with Manouso Manos in order to deepen my Ashtanga practice; his influence has been indescribably profound. Great post, Happy 2015 – Rachel


    1. yogibattle Post author

      “Most well trained in the world of yoga.” That’s a wonderful compliment! Especially coming from an Ashtanga practitioner. Thank you very much for your warm comments and have a wonderful 2015 Rachel.


  3. Dorris Scott

    Again two great posts. I plan to work on a few of these points you made myself such as dedicating more time to the sutras and on pranayama. I would especially like to see more of #10 because of what racheltejas said. Having more blogs from Iyengar teachers will be extremely benefical for me as a teacher as well. I’m lucky to be able to regularly take classes with John Schumacher, but I will be moving in the forseeable future possibly to a place without an iyengar studio and it would be nice to have more “distance learning” resources out there.

    Thanks again for this wonderful blog and I wish you the best in the new year. I’ve definitely learned a lot!


    1. yogibattle Post author

      Thanks Dorris!

      You are very lucky to have regular classes with John Schumacher. I think he records his classes and sells them for a nominal fee. You may want to pick up a few of those before you move. He was in Honolulu a few years back for a mini-workshop and gave me fantastic feedback on my Salamba Sarvangasana. He said I was pushing too hard on my chest like a back bend. Since that workshop, my shoulder stand is much more tolerable!

      Have a happy and blessed New Year and thank you for your readership!


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