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Geeta Iyengar wins Jijamata Puraskar Award

geeta adjusting

Geeta Iyengar fine tuning Utthita Trikonasana


I’m a little late posting this, but wanted to share the great news that Geeta Iyengar won the Jijamata Puraskar Award earlier this month. The award is given to mothers who brought up sons valuable to society.

Although Geeta does not have any of her own children, she encapsulates true matriarchal power in her teaching. She said “I do not belong to the category of mother as such. But still my family is a rather larger one.” With certified Iyengar instructors in over 80 countries worldwide, she has a large family indeed.

The award recognizes courage of  women who have transcended difficult circumstances, and who have established this spirit of courage their personal or professional life. The award also recognizes the pioneering contribution of an individual in empowering women and raising women’s issues. Geeta has done all of the above. Like her father, she has used Yoga to overcome illness in her younger days. She has also refined the Iyengar teaching method and has published several books on how Yoga addresses women’s issues.

Many continued blessings to Geetaji for her service to man and womankind.