…one year later


It’s hard to believe almost one year has passed since Guruji left this earth. I remember the afternoon vividly. Guruji had been hospitalized and there were many keeping vigil. I was frantically checking the news feeds for news all day in between working.

Then there was a message on HS Arun’s Facebook page:  “It was great to have Guruji in our institute. It’s hard to believe that he is no more with us.” At that point I called my mentoring teacher. He had just gotten off the phone from a friend in India confirming the news.

Soon afterwards, news spread like wildfire, first on the yoga blogs, then the Facebook feeds, then the mainstream news. News of his death even out trended Nikki Minaj’ latest publicity stunt. There were many beautiful tribute posts. Notably, detailed accounts came from Luci Yamamoto’s Yoga Spy blog. She was at RIMYI at the time of his death.

Kofi Busia wrote healing words as well:

 I have to say, however, that I find it difficult to be sad. Of course I would like to see him again. But I also know that I only ever need to look for him in the place that he taught me to look for him. I can see him again there any time I want. After all, he was a great teacher because he taught constantly that that which is not here should always be a part of what is, otherwise we will never be content.

Today I had a student new to Iyengar Yoga. He was amazed (like all of us) of all the postures Guruji could do in the plates surrounding our studio. He said he enjoyed the class, enjoys the style and plans to be a regular student. There is always doubt that once a leader passes if his legacy will hold. But because of Guruji’s integrity and uncompromising standards in not only his teaching, but in how his teachers are taught, I am confident his legacy of Iyengar Yoga will endure the test of time.

2 thoughts on “…one year later

  1. Willie Cloete

    I am a Sivananda Yoga Teacher and adherent, he passed on in 1963 and I can tell you his yoga and vision is very much alive still. If the teacher and guru was great, then the tradition will continue. And it is up to us, the devotees who can see the value to keep their legacy alive. Thank you for a lovely piece.



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