Review of Yoga blog trends in 2015

A while back, I wrote a “wish list” of Yoga blog trends I would like to see in 2015. Much to my delight, many of them have come true: The selfie trend is taking a sharp nosedive (thank goodness), there are fewer “wild thing” and ridiculously dangerous poses out there (most likely because people are getting injured doing them). There is less profanity and playlists postings are rapidly becoming passé. And happily, Lululemon’s stock is dropping rapidly now that people see that the company is not only a huge misappropriation of Yoga, but is just a downright rip off. For the moment, it seems as though yoga in the West is finally emerging from the 5th grade mentality, but not by much.

The second part of my list is still under development: people are still scratching the surface with their posts about how yoga is transforming them. And my dear friend Irish Asthtangi/1979Darryl has deleted his blog (miss you man!)

We are still seeing some good posts coming from male practitioners. J.Brown has a fantastic blog. He discusses struggles of old school practitioners and studio owners in the age of “Big Yoga.” Although we practice different styles, I can resonate with his frustrations about how yoga is now becoming “gentrified.”

We are also starting to hear from more over 50 practitioners and Iyengar bloggers, and a surprising fresh crop of new-to-yoga bloggers who are trying to get past the superficial. Here are a list of up and coming and solidly established blogs I follow regularly:

Still in Sirsasana Iyengar blog by Detroit Junior Intermediate III instructor Hong Gwi-Seok.

Babycrowyoga Newish yoga practitioner from the UK who actually took a university level Sanskrit class to further her yogic knowledge.

Roads to Bliss Upstreams of instructions and interview with senior Iyengar teachers.

Yogaspy The blog that inspired me to create this one from Hilo native and Canadian resident at the Junior Intermediate I level Luci Yamamoto.

Yogabound Canadian Junior Intermediate II instructor Stephanie Tencer discusses her journey and gives wonderful instructions and insights on her blog.

fnyogi A French Iyengar blog. Even if you don’t understand French, Fanny produces some of the best illustrations and graphics of the practice I have seen in a blog.

anonymous sadhaka A barefoot runner who studies regularly at RIMYI offering beautiful insights to the practice that goes beyond asana.

There are many more which I may add later. It’s late and I need to get to bed.

Many blessings to you all!

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17 thoughts on “Review of Yoga blog trends in 2015

  1. babycrow

    Wow, thanks for the mention, and in such esteemed company too. This means a lot to me, Michael. Your blog is an inspiration and I’ll certainly check our your recommended blogs. Glad some of your yoga wishes came to pass!


  2. So...

    Thank you for your generous words. It made my day! I’ve been a regular follower of your blog as well as of some of the ones mentioned in your list and find a lot of food for thought in there. In gratitude.


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  4. fnyogi

    wow Yogibattle, i am so honored/excited to be on your list ! i am a long time reader and your blog is really inspiration to me. My blog (or i should say my drawings) got so successful lately, it surprised me a lot… I would like to translate the posts in english because according to my stats i have many more english speaking readers as french … but unfortunatly this is not my native language… and it is sooo much work for a single person. Maybe in some months 😉 anyways many greetings from Germany!


  5. Aparna

    This is awesome. I LOVE your blog! I totally agree with your list – I enjoy reading all those blogs 🙂 I’m seriously so happy that the instagram selfie trend is taking a nosedive. The next trend that needs to go is WINE + YOGA. I really really don’t think anyone needs any alcohol to help with the good feelings that follow a great practice. Keep going with your wonderful blog posts! It definitely inspires me to put out good content!


    1. yogibattle Post author

      Thanks Peggy! I’m always embarra-flattered (invented word) when someone I follow has been following me back. I was remiss in adding Lisa Walford’s blog, as well as Anne-Marie Schutlz’ blog as well, so thank you for bringing those to my attention. May you have a wonderful time at the Yoganushasanam. Many blessings!



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