Daily Archives: December 9, 2015

Yoganushasanam, my Superbowl

I’ve never been much of a sports fan since I graduated college in the mid 90’s. I don’t think I’ve sat through a whole NFL game in this millenium. But there is one event that keeps me at the edge of my seat: Yoganushasanam which is now becoming an annual event at the Balewadi Badminton Stadium in Pune, India.

Beginning from last year, during the second week of December, Geeta Iyengar has been holding this event starting on her birthday. Like an early Christmas gift, I am showered by gems of wisdom from the teachings at this multi-day event. I get flooded with posts on my Facebook feed and various blogs about sequences, actions, philisophical concepts, and how direction on where the Iyengars are taking the practice. This year’s event started with a beautiful Patanjali Invocation and Guru Mantra chanted in unison by 1500 participants (courtesy Maria Luisa Basualdo).

Unfortunatley, I am not able to attend due to family duties, so like the Superbowl, the next best thing is to watch it being “televised” via the internet feeds.

It is especially interesting reading how two different practitioners, at two different levels of certifications, from two different countries interpret and write about the same event. In one of Prahantji’s talks on Guru Poornima, he says that there is a special type of guru who says one word, but the word has different meanings for each person attending the lesson. As a result, the person receives the grace of the teaching no matter which level they are currently practicing. That is the beauty of the the Iyengars’ teachings–each instruction yields fruit on some level.

In last year’s event, Geetaji taught different dimensions of approaching seated poses, particularly Dandasana and Upavishtha Konasana. Even though I did not attend, the teachings were retransmitted in the two workshops from senior teachers at our studio.

To follow this event, it is best to check the Facebook news feeds of your country’s Iyengar association.

Happy birthday Geetaji! And many blessings to those who are there, and may you transmit the teachings worldwide to your students.

Photo courtesy of livetheiplife on Instagram