Starting the new year under the weather, and with Patanjali

Some of my greatest years have started under less than ideal conditions. 2016 is set to be stellar as I am stuck in bed with a Z-Pack (antibiotics) from a lingering cough that turned into an infection. That being said, I am grateful for all that Yoga has to offer that isn’t asana or pranyama related.

I am able to catch up on some of my readings in the Sutras and other Iyengar works. I also received my quarterly issue of Yoga Rahasya from India. It is a beautiful edition that features Patanjali and the Sutras.

Many times in my practice I have reflected on the Sutras. At first, it seemed like they had nothing to do with my actual asana practice. Now the more I read them and the more I read how Iyengar used them, the more it seems that there is nothing outside my life that isn’t somehow connected to them.

They are considered Yoga Shastra, or a fundamental yoga teaching. They are in many ways a theorem of truth that has been proved and tempered by time. They are estimated to have been written around 400 CE, which is slightly younger than the New Testament. However, they are a compilation of practices that go several millenia before.

There are many different translations in English. It is interesting to see the differences between actual yoga practitioners and scholars. Iyengar’s translation has a “bhakti” feel to them as he was quite devoted. “Rub yourself with each word through work and practice. Rubbing means to experience,” Iyengar writes.

This is an interesting side by side comparison of the Sutras I have found online. This does not include Iyengar’s translation, but does have other “heavy hitters” of the Yoga Sutras like Satchidanada and Edwin Bryant.

I am hardly a Sanskrit scholar, and I am not adept at what the Sutras ask of me to still my mind. But the main thing is that I practice every day. Even if I can’t do Asana or Pranayama because I have a cold, I can at least have a text to read which fills me with ideas on how to proceed in my practice in daily life.

Many blessings!



10 thoughts on “Starting the new year under the weather, and with Patanjali

  1. Susan Carter

    perfect timing! I am starting a Sutra study group tomorrow i went to your link and copied the 19 pages is there a link for the other 2 Padas? Also I really enjoy your blog and your insights.


    1. yogibattle Post author

      Thanks Susan. That’s all I could find. Glad I could contribute to your Sutra group. In many ways that is the most traditional way of teaching Yoga.
      Thanks for your readership 🙂


  2. k8macdo

    You are in good company with seasonal viruses… I find myself at the tail end of a cold. Today was the first day when I’ve been able to return to kapalabhati : ) The more I delve into the sutras the more I see that there is something there for everyone, at every stage. It is very grounded in reality! Wishing you a prompt recovery, Yogibattle.


  3. Felicity green

    The yamas blessingsand niyamas are the basis of yoga.I have written a small book trying to help beginning students I think you are meant to learn how they apply through the asanas . How they apply to your life. They are the character builders which you need before proceeding further. I am glad you are reading the sutras


  4. babycrow

    I hope you’re already feeling better, yogibattle. Thank you for the link to the great collation of yoga sutras translations — so interesting! One day of course I won’t need the translations…. 😉



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