Flowers for my teacher

I am subbing for my teachers more frequently. They are regularly traveling to China to do yoga teacher trainings, and are now doing their own teacher training in La Mesa, Calif. When they travel, I try to help them out as much I can. This nice thing about the Iyengar community at my studio is that we all “grew up together” since the studio began the mid 2000s. Many of us recognize each other on the street on a first name basis. So when I sub, I don’t have to reinvent the wheel about who I am and what I’m doing there.

On a night last week, one of the Intermediate students brought a large bunch of Narcisssus flowers to my teacher for Chinese New Year’s which is a big deal in Hawai’i. I suppose he didn’t get the memo that she was traveling. He looked sad and said that the flowers would surely die if not attended to properly. He said they are finicky and the water needs to be changed daily. And they prefer cold water.

When one subs, one has to take on all the studio’s responsibilities to the best of one’s ability. So I did what any other good sub would do and take the flowers home to take care of them until my teacher for whom they were attended returns. I also recruited my mother-in-law help me. She had a stroke back in her 50s, but loves flowers. And these are beautiful from the daffodil family, they seem to brighten her day a bit. They also have a delicate and fresh fragrance.


So hopefully I don’t destroy these flowers before she gets back week. Yoga subbing is the labor of love…




4 thoughts on “Flowers for my teacher

  1. k8macdo

    This is rather sweet! It’s wonderful that you have such a mutually supportive “kula”. This is definitely one of the advantages of a lineage based practice.
    : )


  2. swtspontaneous

    Love your stories! This one was a good one because you took such good care of this gift met for your coworker! šŸ™‚ It makes the gift more special!

    On a side note, I found something amusing today…. I like to practice piano and yoga, as you may or may not know… Well, I have at home from work with a fever and bored… I googled both words together and found this:
    I immediately began picturing your reaction. Wish I could see your face!



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