Taking the student’s suggestion

I was subbing yesterday evening. When I sub, I try to treat all of the students with kid gloves because I was chosen as a representative of the teacher. It was “restorative week” and I was teaching prasarita padottanasna as seen above. There is a stage one and stage two of the pose. Stage one, head is up, stage two, head is on the floor.

A good teacher uses “landmarks” aside from just “right, left, front and back.” So in stage one, I was telling the students to lift their head and look toward the parking lot. After about three times in this pose I heard a student say “may I offer a suggestion?”

In the past, that question has been fraught with many pitfalls from “can you play music in your class?” to “why don’t you heat up the room like hot yoga classes?” And since I didn’t know this student, I was braced for the worst.

“Can you say ‘mountains’ instead of ‘parking lot,'” the student asked. I turned around and saw this outside the studio window:



So from now on I will say: look to the rainbow! Brilliant suggestion.


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