Honor April Fool’s Day by finding humor in your practice

I’d like to start this post with a joke a meditation teacher I had long ago told us before we sat in dhyana:

A man sought long and hard to find a teacher in a far off land. He found one. The teacher gave him strict rules for austerity and said he could only say two words per year, and the words could only be uttered to the teacher at a certain time.

After a year in silence, the student was summoned by the teacher who asked “what are your two words this year?”

The student replied “Bed Hard!”

Another year goes by and the teacher asks “What are your two words this year?”

The student replied “Food Bad!”

Another year goes by…

The student replied “I quit!!!”

The teacher replied, “that doesn’t surprise me, all you do is complain!”

I feel we Iyengar teachers sometimes get a bad rap for being too serious, or at least too humorless. One has to realize that there is an appropriate moment for everything in practice. Sometimes we have to be serious, and sometimes we have to see the humor in the moment. I do mirror the wisdom of Jack Kornfield who says that any spiritual practice worth its salt should have an element of humor to it. I have definitely been known to crack my students up, even when I am trying to be serious.

Many blessings! And thanks for the joke Tom:)


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