Did anything good happen this week on Earth?

While it was a veritable s***storm here on Earth with news I don’t even want to mention, another event happened millions of miles away.

NASA’s Juno spacecraft is has awakened after a long slumber of space travel and starting turning its sensors on to give us more information about Jupiter.

Juno’s nine science instruments were off when the probe entered orbit around the solar system’s largest planet Monday, to reduce complications during that night’s make-or-break orbit-insertion engine burn.

The mission team powered up five of those instruments Wednesday and plans to turn on the other four before the end of the month, NASA officials said. So Juno should be ready to gather some science data when Juno makes its next close pass by the huge planet on Aug. 27. The probe is currently in a 53-day orbit around Jupiter.

The Juno mission launched in August 2011 to help better understand Jupiter’s magnetic and gravitational fields, composition and interior structure — in particular, whether the huge planet harbors a core of heavy elements. It may also provide clues on how our solar system was formed.

On a somewhat related note, a colleague of mine was experiencing stress from one of her clients. We both work at a mental health agency. I shared this video with her to show how small we are relative to the universe. I hope this helps you put things into perspective…especially when now it seems that the world is crumbling below our very feet.



7 thoughts on “Did anything good happen this week on Earth?

  1. So...

    Mesmerising video. Lately, I have been visualizing myself and the sun in my early morning practices and it has been a very different experience. I am struggling with that part of my sadhana and this technique sort of cropped up spontaneously.

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  2. sdeden

    Thank you for this beautiful perspective! May I reblog this on Monday? I try to make people laugh with my blog, but there isn’t much out in the world that’s funny right now. And it doesn’t feel right to ignore everything and write about some foible of my own. This feels just right. Thanks again.

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  3. sdeden

    Reblogged this on Sandy Deden and commented:
    I have really been struggling with what to say lately. I try to see the humor in life, but there’s not a lot of funny right now. Lucky for me, a blogger I like a lot had some great perspective, so I’m passing along his words. Peace.



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