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John Schumacher & age

I don’t reblog very often, but this post asks some great questions. Thank you Nadia!

the incubator

Some time ago, I was at the Dutch Iyengar association convention for a two-day workshop with John Schumacher. Anytime I meet a senior teacher, I feel deeply grateful for the chance I have to learn from them. It is truly inspirational to meet people who have dedicated their lives to the practice of yoga, sometimes for twice the amount of time I have been living.

photo John Schumacher, certified Advanced Iyengar Yoga teacher

I was talking with several people recently on Iyengar yoga attracting older practitioners; a friend thought it was very cool to see an older lady following a class in a video I was showing him. I found it quite funny, since at the convention I was probably one of the youngest in the room, with an average age I would esteem to be around 50. And yes, everyone gets into headstand/shoulderstand/whatever crazy pose is being taught at…

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