A vacation back to my hometown: a photo essay

I took a trip back to my hometown of Albuquerque for vacation this year. I wanted to see my father who has had some health problems in the past few years and my 89 year old Grandmother. It was a bit of a bittersweet trip as my mom who has lived in Hawai’i for 22 years decided to move back to New Mexico recently and was along to search for a new house.


This is my brother David and his wife Von. Von doesn’t like pictures, but I thought this was an adorable picture of them. My brother is a loving husband and a hard worker.


One of the charms of Albuquerque this time of year is that hot air balloons festoon the skies preping for the balloon fiesta in early October. I remember as a child one of these landed in our school yard and they let us all out to see. This was taken from my brother’s front door.


What New Mexico lacks in greenery, it more than makes up for in other colors. Here is the red cliff in the Jemez Pueblo, an Indian (Native American) reservation an hour north of Albuquerque.


No trip to Jemez in complete without Indian fry bread. With a little honey this will put any doughnut to shame. Being fried in pure lard may have something to do with it.

img_1148Jemez Springs is quintessential New Mexico in my opinion. You can see the Spanish Mission influences in the architecture, the cobalt blue skies, and red clay mountains. This is where I spent some special moments in my youth fishing and camping with my parents.


Green chile is a New Mexico staple. Every fall these are roasted in metal drums and the aroma is earthy and otherworldly. I remember in college me and two roommates ate a half a trash bag full of these one afternoon. We suffered, but it was worth it.


This is my dad making enchiladas. In New Mexico, they are stacked with an over easy egg and red chile smothered on top. Red chile is made by drying the above green chiles on “ristras” or hanging chiles which have a dual decoration and culinary usage.


Next day we went shopping in Old Town Albuquerque. Here Native Americans sell there beautiful turquoise and silver jewelry as they have done for years. There is actually a “Romero” street (my last name). Romero is a family name traced back to the Spanish conquistadors in New Mexico 400 years ago.


Here is my mom in an Old Town cafe. Again the colors…


This mercado sells Mexican blankets for a very low price. As well as aisles of colorful pots and other goodies.


These will make a great addition to my yoga props for my students….



7 thoughts on “A vacation back to my hometown: a photo essay

  1. ambfoxx

    I hope you get a chance to take a class or two at High Desert Yoga while you’re in Albuquerque. Kim Schwartz’s timed asana class is fascinating. I think you’d like any of his classes.
    Great pictures.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. yogibattle Post author

      Funny you should mention this studio. I went to a few classes with Herb McDonald at Wellspring Yoga. He said Wellspring studio is closing down and he will teach at High Desert. He mentioned Kim Schwartz as an excellent instructor.

      Liked by 2 people


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