Anything worth attaining takes patience

I have to admit I’ve been in a bit of a rut of late. After the election, the holidays, and the daily press after the inauguration, I have lost quite a bit of my inspiration. My yoga class this morning made me feel like my teaching has gone to pot, but I am wise enough to know that my critical voice is sometime irrationally loud.

After an unusual hot spell in Hawai’i, followed by a strong windy weekend, many plants in my garden were damaged, and birds ate a good number of my snap peas which were just about to ripen.

In mental health counseling, people who get in bad emotional shape tend to have several stressful events in a short period of time and somehow lump all of these events as coming from the same source. Like it is some kind of fate they had these things happen to them. I caught myself having this kind of thinking and am wrestling my way out of it.

Today I did a few positive things to set me in another direction. After the “bad teaching” yoga class, I gave myself a few minutes in a restorative pose to lengthen my spine which is something I haven’t done for a while. Afterwards, I came home and spent some time in my garden. I felt the soil and it was dry and sandy. The garden in its own way told me what it needed. When the day cooled off I gave it a good watering and pruned a few of the damaged parts of my snap pea plants that were ravaged by those horrible birds.

I realized that I will not have a bountiful harvest after just a few months of gardening with no prior experience, but also saw that it is a process which will encompass many years. Just as I have been teaching yoga for many years and still have a long way to go to have any sense of mastery. This is the way of all things in life that are worth attaining. You may never attain them, but the process is satisfyingly challenging.

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13 thoughts on “Anything worth attaining takes patience

  1. sspitzer25

    Sometimes life throws us lemons and it is hard not to take it personally. Stepping back with awareness we can learn. You took a good action to practice after class, and then learn from the garden. Don’t be too upset with the birds enjoying the fruits of your labor. Keep on blogging!! Have a peaceful day! 🙂

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  2. babycrow

    Aloha and a third warm hug – from a cold Brit!
    The practice of patience that comes out in your blog is truly a constant inspiration to me. You will move through this rut in time, as you know

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    1. yogibattle Post author

      Thanks Babycrow. Next time you are in this neck of the woods, consider Oahu for a day or two 🙂 I always appreciate your support, readership and great blog writing. I apologize if I have to binge read your posts as now I am quite busy with everything. Many blessings 🙂

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  3. babycrow

    No apologies necessary at all; I’m immensely grateful to you reading my thoughts and offering your teaching from afar! I keep trying to write less….
    It would be such an honour if we ever met on O’ahu. Actually I did put in a bid for it this year rather than Kauaii, but I’m the most junior family member with the smallest vote! 🙂
    Wishing you well in all your busyness

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