Happy New Year! Startin’ with the garden

As many of my readers are probably having to wear a heavy coat now, I’d like to start the new year right, with a few pictures of warmth from my garden. It is year two of my Fukuoka-style of gardening. An unusually wet Hawai’i December has yielded wonderful results.


Chilly? How about Chile? This pepper plant barely survived last year’s summer. Now it is producing long delicious capsaicin-rich Cayennes. I think these are the kind that Chef Pasquale uses and calls “Oh yeah babys.”


The tall grass is a natural trellis for these snap peas. Once they reach the “roof” of this table-like trellis my wife and I put up last year they start going wild. Can you spot the camouflaged gecko on the bamboo? Those guys help me control the unwanted pests in the garden.


This patch of bush beans produced so many green beans I was able to make a dish for Christmas dinner with family visitors.


Across the yard our Meyer lemon tree is staring to produce its first bounty. These in time will swell up to full sized lemons. Enough to give away to family and friends.

I don’t want to bore you with the rest of the produce, but there is also a pumpkin, eggplant, bitter melon, saluyot, and daikon sprouting in this space.

The only work I did in the garden was throw seeds and trim the grass with a hand sickle. Nature has taken care of the rest of the labor. Stay tuned and happy new year!


5 thoughts on “Happy New Year! Startin’ with the garden

  1. drsapna

    Love the garden. I am thinking of getting some edibles planted soon. It is summer in the Southern Hemisphere and too late to get yield now but I am thinking winter. So hot house plants it is going to be. Hope to blog about it. (I am also back to my yoga lessons after a year of intense study. Iyengar.)

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  2. k8macdo

    Thank you for the photos of green growing things! I’m looking out at the falling snow… and dreaming of how the cold frozen ground is actually preparing for spring growth…
    Happy New Year, Michael!

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  3. Joan Scalzone

    Your garden looks fabulous. It sounds easy the way you planted it by throwing seeds. Of course all the moisture in Kailua is vital to the success. Keep sowing. See you soon. Mom

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  4. anonymous sadhaka

    Lovely pictures Michael! And a great way to start the year. I had butterflies growing in my balcony garden and it was such a thrill to see them take off. What was fascinating was how the curry leaf plant stayed without leaves after they chomped through all of it. Soon after they flew away, new stems started to appear!

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