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One hell of a year

As 2018 is quickly drying up, I have a minute to sit and look back at this dense 365 day cycle that has been a doozy. Very early in the year we had a false missile alert scare, for a good part of this year I was not sure my place of employment would have its contract renewed, we had a hurricane threat to the point where I had to board up my house, Geeta passed away just two days after her father’s centennial celebrations, and last Sunday my wife had to have an unexpected surgery. Nothing is scarier and lonelier than waiting for a loved one who is under anesthesia. Happily, the procedure went well and she is recovering nicely.

In all of that, I still managed to pass the teaching portion of my Junior I assessment and finally have a nice vacation with my wife. Since her father died, we have not been able to travel because of caregiving duties. Another bright light is my nephew who was born last December. And recently we added a new member to our family, a Golden Retriever puppy named Kinako.


I have not posted much yoga-related content this year mostly because I wanted to focus all my energy on passing the assessment and secondly because of all the world’s chaos. Now that I am Junior I, I can give some more asana tutorials from asana-s in that syllabus in 2019.

I appreciate all who follow my garden posts too. Watching the teems of life cycles of each of my plants has helped me heal and stay grounded through all of this.

May you all have a blessed holiday season and auspicious new year.

Om shanti



Geetaji 1944-2018

Very sad news from Pune. Geeta has passed two days after her father’s centennial celebrations. The world of yoga will mourn the loss of this legendary practitioner and teacher. My heart goes out to the Iyengar family, and all of my teachers who directly learned from her.

Geeta has written several books on yoga including Yoga: A Gem For Women, and has been instrumental in the teaching curriculum for Iyengar teacher assessments. This is a significant loss for all of us.


100 years of Iyengar

Today marks the 100th birthday of BKS Iyengar. I wanted to write a short thoughtful post commemorating his date of birth. Although I have never met him face-to-face, I feel that through his teachings and readings and constant study of his method he is like an old friend who is always there when I need him.

As I have said in previous posts, I feel very fortunate to have his signature on my diploma I received in 2013. That was the last year that he was able to sign any the diplomas, as he passed away in August the following year.

Because of his intense effort, yoga has flourished throughout the world. You cannot go to any major city in the world without finding somebody who teaches yoga in the Iyengar method. He has also pioneered a very clear set of teaching skills that when followed with hard work allows people to teach faithfully in his method. Luckily for all of us, his family has continued his tradition of teaching, ensuring that many future generations will reap the benefits of his hard labor. Thank you Mr. Iyengar for all that you have given us.