Belated happy new year and garden update

Happy 2020 everyone! Not a whole lot of pleasant news around the world of late, so I thought I would buck the trend and show you how my garden is doing. My dog Kinako likes to “assist” me by digging random holes in the yard. During a recent play date with our neighbor’s dog, the two managed to dig a hole deep enough to plant a Hawaiian Ti leaf plant! The two dug a hole on the very most Eastern spot in the yard. As the East is auspicious, I took it as a sign to plant something that has deep significance to the Hawaiian culture. Ti leaf plants have tremendous powerful import. During the volcano eruptions last year, people would put Ti leaves in the path of the lava flow in efforts to appease Madame Pele. Having a Ti plant in the East part of the yard will bring protection and prosperity in the new year.


The man who cut our lawn retired this year and we hired a new person based on his recommendation. The new lawn service man did a terrific job, but also mowed over my whole garden! I couldn’t be mad because I did not direct him otherwise. When I saw all of my plants leveled, I “rage planted” the rest of my seeds. As a result, I have had a tremendous okra harvest this year. I grow both the green and burgundy varieties which makes for a whimsical harvest.



Our next door neighbor had to go to a care home as she was in her 90s and could not live independently anymore. Her late husband was an avid gardener and their whole property was lush with vegetation. Her son is renovating the property and took out all the plants. As a result, somehow a lot of the seeds from their property have migrated over to our yard. One day I saw a random bitter melon plant, tomato, and chili pepper growing. These are plants that I have grown myself, so I let them go. About two months later a large portion of my wall is covered with bitter melon leaves that trellis up wild tomato plants mixed in with peppers. This whole wall is edible! I didn’t lift a finger for this to happen and am letting mother nature do all the work.


Between letting dogs do the digging, my neighbor’s plants doing the sowing, and mother nature to the tending, I suppose my job is just to enjoy the process and harvest when ready! Have a happy new year!


10 thoughts on “Belated happy new year and garden update

    1. yogibattle Post author

      Thank you Sonia! Seems like the whole world is angry now. It is easy to succumb to the negativity, but have faith that things are never permanent. I read Geeta talking about mother Earth feeding intelligence from the base of the pose. I feel that nature gives us the intelligence if we pay attention. Hopefully my garden will bring you joy even through the pictures.

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  1. sdeden

    Love this! It brought me joy to see so much green! I have been learning a lot about permaculture, love your edible wall. I also love that you get to plant all year long. Back here in New England, my little herb garden is struggling in my sunniest window–I think I have to break down and get a grow light. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. alibey

    what a beautiful dog… with a naughty playful look… as if to say… see what I did! cheers thank for the recent Like. you’ve reminded me that I need to get back to doing yoga ASAP.

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