Hope is on the way

Hi all! We are well into the throes of 2021 with some good things in the air. It doesn’t take much to remember what we were all doing a year ago about this time. We were probably at our job, maybe in an office, maybe in a studio, going to restaurants and public places without a second thought. Maybe we heard some rumblings at this time about the Corona Virus in Italy, but it wasn’t in our collective psyche.

Today is different. If we still have our job, we are either doing it from home or have to put on some PPE just to get through the day. Now most of us know someone who has had COVID, and sadly many know someone who has died from it.

The disinformation campaign continues on FB feeds. We all seem to have a family member or old high school buddy pushing conspiracy theories about the vaccine and downplaying the effects of the virus. As Anthony Fauci said, “we don’t know everything about this virus.” In a recent training, I learned that COVID’s attack on the olfactory nerve may lead to neurlogical complications. But again as Fauci said, we don’t know everything about the virus.

Luckily, the vaccine is being rolled out. My mother-in-law was one of the first wave of people in Hawai’i to get one. Since she has received the Pfizer version of the vaccine, she said she has no side effects. Her arm was sore after the first day, but that’s it. She due for her second shot next month.

When you hear disinformation about the virus, it is best not amplify it. If you disagree with someone, do so on a private chat or text. That way people reading the thread in your conversation aren’t fed untruths which are propagated by those who spread the disinformation.

On a somewhat sad note, I have decided to allow my IYNAUS certification to lapse as I don’t anticipate teaching this year. This is partly due to the reality of safety and partly due to my ongoing challenges as a caregiver and full time employee. I am still practicing, but am taking time for myself to get through this horrible period.

May you all be safe.

9 thoughts on “Hope is on the way

  1. sdeden

    I’m glad you are taking care of yourself. Yes, hope is on the horizon. I hope you will continue to post, certified or not. I appreciate your perspective on yoga and life. We need all the thoughtful voices to help us move forward . Namaste.

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  2. Patti Martin

    I know how hard it is to get certified and how much work you put into it. Is it possible that you can put your certification on-hold? It would be a big thing to give up.


  3. minilola

    Hi Michael,So good to hear from you! I’m happy to hear you’re making solid decisions about taking care of yourself, I know you put a lot out there.Keep practicing and be well. -Rowen

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  4. Amber Foxx

    Good advice on dealing with misinformation. I’m sorry you feel you have to let your certification lapse; you worked for that and truly earned it. But you have a lot to keep up with. And I’m glad to see you can renew–in the comments above. I’m also glad your mother-in-law got the vaccine. A number of my older friends have, as well as those with health care jobs or chronic health problems. I look forward to my turn to “get the jab.” I got a call yesterday form a seasonal visitor who normally takes my classes when he winters in T or C. We have to figure out a place for outdoor private classes–and how to adapt his practice to lasting lung damage from his bout with covid in the fall.

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    1. YB Post author

      Thank you Amber. We are now seeing the damaging effects of COVID on people. Sounds like your student would benefit from a pranayama set up. If you don’t have blankets, use two blocks: one horizontal with the chest on shoulder blades on medium height, and one under head on tallest height. That will exaggerate the chest opening. Here is my post for reference. https://iyengarhomepractice.wordpress.com/2015/03/23/approaching-the-victorious-path-of-pranayama-part-2/

      Lately I have been doing a mantra practice. I will write about that soon. Hope all is well in T or C. Costco in Hawai’i started selling jars of 505 brand Hatch Chile. My wife and I have been in heaven.



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