Busy March: Vaxes and Taxes

Hi all! I am pleased to announce that I have taken the first part of the Moderna vaccine in February and am slated to finish my second shot later this month. My wife and mother-in-law have already took the full two doses of the Pfizer version with no issues. Using this post to dispel disinformation I am hearing from some members in the wellness community.

A large myth is that once you get the vaccine, you no longer have to wear a mask in public. The vaccine helps you build antibodies so if you do get the virus, you will not get as sick as if you didn’t get the vaccine. The worst case scenario is that you get the vaccine, you get COVID-19 and don’t have symptoms. Then you walk around without a mask thinking you are okay, and spread the virus. Early in the pandemic, the golden rule is to assume that you are the carrier and take all precautions to prevent others from getting it.

Another source of disinformation is people who don’t look at a complete picture of data and cherry pick adverse reaction rates of the vaccine. Yes, the vaccine has side effects. I was tired for most of the day after taking it and my arm was sore for about a day. Everyone will experience different side effects. Vaccinated people are taking a dose of similar proteins of to that of COVID in their body. Of course they are going to feel a bit off until their body builds antibodies. However, there is a significantly low adverse reaction level for people who get the vaccine. If you have at risk health conditions, you will probably not be able to take the vaccine until your health conditions improve.

That being said, it is encouraging that millions have already been vaccinated and supply is increasing. In Hawai’i we are seeing a very low infection rate as it went below one percent and we are getting about 50 new cases per day with a state population of about one million.

Because of COVID-19, I didn’t earn much money last year from yoga teaching. As blessings are sometimes mixed, the upshot is that my taxes will be much more simple this year. If all goes well, I will have them done by the end of the month. As I have not earned money teaching yoga, my practice has somehow been “enriched” with daily mantras. They are a true miracle!

6 thoughts on “Busy March: Vaxes and Taxes

  1. mishedup

    I’m o happy for all of you!
    I am done…2 doses of Moderna…second one l just about 2 weeks ago.
    And yes to all you say…sill wearing masks, staying distance from people, altho I am going to take a trip from CA to WA state at the end of the month. After well over a year of not seeing my BFF I am ready! So I’m going to brave the air, feeling much more protected.

    The craziness in the yoga and wellness community is something, isn’t it?

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    1. YB Post author

      Glad you are all vaxxed so you can travel. There has always been underlying craziness in the yoga and wellness community, but I feel the isolation of the pandemic has turned up the volume. I am glad it is not a major source of my income as it is for many. It has been sad to see people get “red pilled.” J.Brown yoga for example. I trust science and I trust my yoga practice. They both can co-exist. Many blessings to you.

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  2. Amber Foxx

    Congrats on getting what I heard someone call the “Fauci ouchy.” I’m not eligible yet, but New Mexico is super-organized, so I know my turn will come. Thanks for reminding people of the facts. One of the big things I look forward to about getting vaccinated is teaching yoga more in person, beyond the occasional outdoor private lesson I’ve been teaching this year. The only studio in town closed, though. We’ll see what evolves.

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    1. YB Post author

      Fauci ouchy. He has taken so much flak for trying to save people, alas. Glad that NM is on top of it. Since I am a healtcare worker I was lucky enough to qualify. Glad you are teaching. So many people need yoga. May you be well Amber!


  3. babycrow

    It’s nice to read you again, and I’m so glad you’ve got the vax now. Though I am sad you stopped teaching. How does it work in Iyengar? Can you just restart teaching whenever you want to, or do you have to re-qualify in some way? I am happy to continue with my students though I am lucky that it’s an add-on for me and not my main income. There is so much strain in the yoga ‘industry’ at any time I can’t begin to imagine what the present circumstances must feel like.

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    1. YB Post author

      The system is totally revamped now. I think I can have a year grace period without having to start over. After teaching straight for 16 years, I need a little time to figure out my practice. That being said, I admire your approach of learing Sanskrit to enhance your learning. I am trying to explore mantras in a similar spirit. It’s been facinating!

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