My life post-certification (and yes I still practice)

Hi all, my good friend Sonia dropped me a nice email and reminded me that even though I am no longer certified in Iyengar yoga, that I still have strong ties to the Iyengar community. It was a privilege to be able to teach all the years that I have, but the pandemic and caregiving duties brought that chapter in my life to rather abrupt close. I continue to miss my students and felt a sense of loss which I have had to come to terms with.

That does not mean that yoga is not no longer a pervasive part of my life. In many ways, I feel greater sense of freedom and less physical exhaustion from teaching and working full time.

I now take great pleasure in caring for my family.

I now take great pleasure in wandering my garden and noticing the subtle changes in the plants I am growing.

I continue to listen and chant mantras every night.

I feel that the pandemic, in all its grief, has been cleansing for yoga. We no longer see ubiquitous commercialization of 200 hour teacher training as we did pre-pandemic. I have noticed that in the Iyengar community , the senior teachers are now some of the only ones coming back to in person classes.

Hopefully, the pandemic will soon be behind us. For now, I will continue my nightly mantra practice and will continue gardening and looking after my family.

Happy Navratri!


5 thoughts on “My life post-certification (and yes I still practice)

  1. Amber Foxx

    Good to know where you are in your yoga life. I’ve sometimes wondered what it would be like to stop teaching. I enjoy it at present, but I’m only doing private and very small group classes, no drop-ins. I don’t miss the studio where I taught–small, crowded, with an annoying mirror– but I do miss the one where I studied, which closed during the pandemic. The class was made up mostly of other teachers, and it was an extraordinary community. Thoughtful of Sonia to check in on you. I’m glad she did.

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    1. YB Post author

      Thank you Amber! When I took a step back from teaching, I realized how exhausting it is. But I still miss it and the joy it continually brought. Hopefully you can still garner that joy in your teaching.

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