Michael’s teaching schedule

Michael is an Iyengar Certified Yoga Instructor.

teaching sched

His schedule is as follows:


Tuesdays and Thursdays 7 am



Saturdays 8 am




This certification mark indicates that the teacher demonstrates a commitment to maintaining the purity, excellence and high standards of Iyengar YogaIMG_9670-2



23 thoughts on “Michael’s teaching schedule

  1. My little jar of spices

    Really enjoying your articles! I’ve started practicing Yoga at home every morning when I get up. The daily one hour practice is something I look so much forward to now, and your blog has provided some useful tips on how to improve certain poses. Great job!


  2. enigmawolfblack

    Hello Michael, thank you for Liking my stuff, much appreciated. I think how you demonstrate how not to perform yoga is an excellent idea and most helpful. Every night I practice the Cobra along with the Bow and Arrow recommended to me for health reasons and it really helps. Best wishes, Wolfie.


  3. Scott at SkepticMeditations.com

    Thanks for your Like. I’m checking out your blog and admiring your flexibility and that you live in Hawaii. How do you get all those photos “triangular posed” in front of many Wonders of our World? Also, I’m curious what your philosophy of yoga is. Is yoga, for you, a tool or philosophy for physical or spiritual (both or neither) growth?


    1. yogibattle Post author

      Thanks for reading! I study Iyengar yoga which is based on the yoga sutras of Patanjali. For me, yoga is both an art and a science for one to reach self actualization. In short, yoga is indeed a technology for spiritual and physical growth. It has helped me overcome many obstacles both mentally and physically.


  4. chrisincal

    I want to put a set of ropes on the wall of my home. My old studio had some ‘home depot’ looking eyebolts and rope. It looked like knowledge and a trip to a hardware store could do it. A website listed a rope set and hardware for $125….Could you point me to (or create) a post on putting up a set of ropes and the size, type, length, and knots required for a rope set? Thanks.


  5. Anonymous

    Hi there, enjoyed your blog just thought you may like to know there is one little mistake you wrote: With the blankets you see the chest opening is exaggerated. This allows the lungs to open to their capacity. Also notice the chin relative to the sternum forming the basis for uddiyana bandha. I think you meant to say jalandhara bandha.
    Many thanks



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