Yoga during the holidays? Making the impossible possible


This year’s going to be a doozy! I have guests coming in from Germany and New Mexico. My brother is getting married. I have three extended families. Needless to say, my yoga practice will succumb to the festivities.

And that’s okay! Holidays are a special time of year where you take time out of your normal routine to appreciate family and friends. But it doesn’t mean I have to completely stop doing yoga. Here is my “blog out loud” strategy for sneaking in some yoga time during yule time.

  • Do yoga when everyone else is doing touristy things. “I will drop you off at the mall and meet you in 3 hours” (sneak to yoga class).
  • Include your family in your yoga practice. “Let’s all do stretches!”
  • Accept that less than an hour of practice will be the norm. Even 30 minutes can be enough with consciousness.
  • Break up your practice into manageable chunks. Do a 15 minute surya namasakar in the morning. A 30 minute pre lunch standing pose sequence. And a 20 minute inversion practice in the evening.
  • Do more pranayama.
  • Use laying around the house watching TV with family time to be in a restorative pose. See my post about reading the NY Times in Baddha Konasana.
  • Play cards in Virasana.
  • Does your uncle have back pain? Teach him some therapeutic applications (if you know what you are doing).
  • Teach your young nieces and nephews how to do headstand.

Being a reclusive yogi has it’s merits, but it is a very lonely place. Even BKS Iyengar shunned that approach to being a family man. In the end his family made him stronger by being able to carry on his teachings. Just as your family will make you stronger with their love and support.

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