Iyengar Yoga cannot be defined

Taming the mighty ego

Pratyahara, the forgotten limb of yoga

Why do we use Sanskrit when teaching Yoga?

The concept of “absorption” in Yoga

Why this is a perfect Virabhadrasana II

Yoga is beyond body issues

Asana as a means, not and end

The Yoga of not doing Yoga

Taming the Mighty Ego

Is Your Practice Too Rajasic?

Chasing rainbows…the never ending quest to attain perfection in Asana

Clearing up a few misconceptions about Iyengar Yoga

Ejecting a student from class?! Where to draw the line

You will not get rich teaching Yoga or blogging…and that’s not the point

Making the leap from the studio to a home practice

Several approaches to the eight limbs of Yoga

Yama and Niyama in Asana

Why Sirsasana is done before Sarvangasana in the Iyengar system

On the art of straightening the leg in Iyengar yoga

Directing the “advanced” student to a suitable class 

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