Yoga Sequences


A standing pose sequence if you have minimal props (new)

A sequence for raw beginners

A standing pose sequence accessible to everyone

Paschima pratana sthiti for beginners (forward bending sequence)

A restorative sequence for a tough week

A backbending sequence for beginning students

A simple forward bending sequence for experienced students

Aeroplane Yoga!

Iyengar Yoga with no props? No prop-lem!

A sequence for men 

International Yoga Day sequence by Geeta Iyengar


4 thoughts on “Yoga Sequences

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  2. Indu

    Hello Michael! You have a great site. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis which has affected my neck, shoulders and knees. I am following a strict diet now consulting with a naturopath and would also like to start doing some basic yoga. Is there any sequence from here that you would recommend for someone like me that is not too physically stressful? Many thanks in advance! – Indu

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