Home Yoga Practice Celebrates Two Years!

I would like to thank all in the WordPress blogosphere and beyond for your readership over the past two years. I feel this blog has far surpassed my expectations of being a “community chat” for my Yoga students. At 125,000 hits strong and 1182 followers, my humble blog has clearly gone past the small fraction of the Honolulu Iyengar community and into more than 200 countries.

As a blogger, I always get a bit freaked out when I see that a post is gaining momentum. My phone app alerts me that there is a spike in views. I often think “uh oh” did I upset someone or cause controversy? Ninety-nine percent of the time, is is because my post is getting reposted by my Iyengar peers on Facebook and other blog sites. I find that a humbling honor.

One good example is when I saw a picture of a young Geeta Iyengar in Virabhadrasana II and decided I would show why I felt that is was a brilliantly executed pose (in this age of selfies, such poses are hard to come by). The post took me all of 20 minutes to complete. The post went instantly viral with 2153 views in one day. I know there are some bloggers that get that many views in one hour, but for me that was a personal best.

Conversely, when I agonize over some blog posts which I think will be earth shattering and spend several days revising them before posting, they are often met with just a few views. Worstly, there are no comments!

As a writer you never know what’s going to fly. That’s okay, because I love to write and love to do Yoga. Blogging is the perfect marriage of the two.

As this blog matures, it has seen its share of changes. In this age of selfies, I am trying to present the many other aspects of Yoga to people aside from asana. Lately I have been writing posts about Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Mantras and Sloka-s, and also how I feel some trends in popular yoga are not quite jiving with the purpose and intent of the practice.

I often straddle a thin line of what my opinion is versus what is socially acceptable to say to the Yoga community at large. It is a sensitive bunch! Most importantly, I try to promote the Iyengar practice and its community as a whole. As stated before I am always open to criticism and feedback and don’t feel I have such a large ego that I have to be correct all the time, because more often than not I am searching for answers.

In this next year I hope to add more asana-s, sequences, and more of my adventures as I am working on my Junior Intermediate 1 certification. Not an easy feat with a full time job, three classes, and two elderly in-laws who require caregiving. Not to mention making time for my lovely wife. This should provide enough blogging material for years to come…

Many blessings!

14 thoughts on “Home Yoga Practice Celebrates Two Years!

  1. mishedup

    i enjoy this blog immensely, and appreciate your opinions and knowledge…very helpful.
    I actually thought of you this last weekend as I was in a workshop with Lisa Waldren..senior iyenger teacher, but you probably know her. it was really great; it was focussed on the spine, and i took away a few gems and new understandings of my body in asana….anyway, congrats on the followed and 2 years, and moving ahead with your training. I know it;s long and arduous, but you can do it.

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    1. yogibattle Post author

      Thanks for your ongoing support Mish! So happy you are continuing your practice with senior teachers. Keep in mind that they have 10x the knowledge that I do and have been practicing for decades. They are living treasures.

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  2. Tom

    Many Blessing to you! Keep up the Yoga Blogging. I must admit I do not usually comment, but I have thoroughly enjoyed your Blogs for the past few years…Thank you for your contribution to the community….T


  3. SkepticMeditations

    Congrats on your two year anniversary, Michael. I admire your sticking with blogging, yoga, and writing– and I see how your writing has “evolved”. I think we started around the same time. Though I may not agree with all your yoga ideologies, nevertheless please keep doing what you are doing.


  4. D

    Congrats and thank you for sharing your insights. I look forward when there’s a message in my Inbox notifying me that there’s a new blog post :).



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