Geetaji 1944-2018

Very sad news from Pune. Geeta has passed two days after her father’s centennial celebrations. The world of yoga will mourn the loss of this legendary practitioner and teacher. My heart goes out to the Iyengar family, and all of my teachers who directly learned from her.

Geeta has written several books on yoga including Yoga: A Gem For Women, and has been instrumental in the teaching curriculum for Iyengar teacher assessments. This is a significant loss for all of us.


3 thoughts on “Geetaji 1944-2018

  1. anonymous sadhaka

    Michael, you were in my thoughts today as I was at the Institute. I can’t believe it is possible to feel so much sadness for someone I never knew personally. But I suppose, she touched our lives far deeper than many in our immediate sphere.

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    1. yogibattle Post author

      Thank you Sonia. You had such a moving piece about Geetaji. I am glad you are in Pune where the light is brightest in the Iyengar world. That probably also means that the feeling of her loss is much more intense. Take care of yourself during this time of mourning.

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